Berkshire Pastured Pork Half


Pettit Pastures Berkshire Pork Half.

We raise a limited number of Berkshire Pigs every year. We start in the spring, as soon as it is warm enough for the piglets to be out on pasture full time and they are ready to harvest from August through October.

We are currently taking reservation on Pork that will be available between August and October of 2023.

Because we only raise a limited number each year we allow customers to place a deposit down of $100 for a half of Pork. This will ensure that you get Pork before it is sold out.

We do try to accommodate as many customers as possible, however we feel we can only raise a limited number of Pastured Hogs each year in order to keep our high quality standards for the animals, the environment, and the finished product we raise. Because of this once we are sold out we are sold out for that year.

Deposit of $100 now for the 2022 season with the remainder due upon delivery.

Price is $4.50 per Pound hanging weight ( typical hanging weights are between ( 90-110 pounds )

We will call you before we bring the pigs in for processing, we will give you the phone number to McDonald’s Meats to go over your processing options. You are responsible for the cost of processing, when you pick your Pork up at McDonald’s Meats.


If you have any questions email

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Pay a deposit of $100.00 per item


Berkshire Pork highly sought after by top chefs all over the world. Berkshire pork is visibly different from other pork breeds commonly raised. It has a darker richer color with an abundance of intramuscular marbling.  Berkshire pork is known for its tenderness, marbling, juiciness, and rich full flavor.

Pettit Pasture’s Berkshire hogs are rotationally through the brushy parts of our pastures. This allows the pigs plenty of fresh grass and the ability to root and forage naturally . The pigs also have access to a mixed grain ration of Oats, Barley, Flax, and Peas. All Non GMO and No Soy or Corn in there diet ever. However it is the grasses and forbs that they root up that really add to the excellent flavor of our pigs.

Our pigs are never given any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

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