Grass-Fed swiss Steak


Grass fed meat is much leaner and often times people find it to be a little gamey.  Through much experimentation, I have figured out how to cook grass fed beef so it isn’t gamey or tough.  The cut of meat I am using in this recipe is round steak.  Round steak can be tough if not cooked properly.  In order to cook this, you need to stew it, and cook it low and slow.  When you cook it slowly, the meat becomes fork tender and absolutely wonderful.

Grass-Fed steaks with kalamata olive chimichurri


This recipe is delicious.  I would make again for company as the olive chimichurri (more like tepenade) adds complexity to the dish.  We grilled it which I would recommend.  Great way to prepare strip steaks!

Grass-Fed sirloin steak with spinach


A delicious combination of grass-fed steak and spinach.  Try it with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil!

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