How It works

You place the order

To place an order for some of Minnesota’s finest grass fed beef or Berkshire Pastured Pork, please use our shopping cart under the “Order” menu to place your order. If you place a bulk order (a quarter, half, or whole cow or pig )  you will need to make a down payment via PayPal, credit card or by check. If you order individual cuts of meat you will pay upon pickup/delivery. Since we charge based on the actual weight of the meat, the initial price is an estimate.


We prepare your order

Bulk orders (quarter, half, whole cow) are typically available in the fall and spring. Individual orders, (steaks, roasts, etc.) which are in stock, are usually available a few days from the receipt of your order.

For individual orders that are in stock, we will prepare your order, get the exact weight, and then contact you to work out a time and location for you to pick up your order. This typically takes 48 hours or less from the time you place your order.


Order pickup or delivery

Orders can be picked up at our farm or we deliver to the Twin Cities Metro area and most of Central Minnesota. Delivery is $30 for orders under $100 – free for orders over $100. 

Payments, other than deposits are made by check or cash at the time of delivery.

For Bulk Berkshire Pork orders you are responsible for the butcher charges and you will pick up your Pork from the butcher. If you have any questions please contact us.