Ground Beef


Stuffed Party Pan Squash , Grass-fed Beef



Stuffed Party Pan Squash

We’re excited to have another yummy recipe contributed by Amee’s Savory Dish.

Amee shares her passion for eating local and organic, supporting ethical farming practices, growing your own food and keeping recipes as clean as possible.


Puerto Rican Grass-fed Beef and Kale



Puerto Rican Grass fed Beef and Kale

For some reason, I was not expecting it to taste as amazing as it did!  We were actually pretty blown away by the amazing flavor.  If this was a taste of Puerto Rico, then I REALLY need to visit there!


Grass fed cashew spinach salad



Cashew Spinach Salad 

This healthy salad is quick and easy to make and requires minimal “prep time”. Those are the best meals, I think!