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The official start of spring was about a week ago.  With the mild temperatures we have had lately, it is starting to get quite muddy around the farm. The good news is that the calves have all been successfully weaned without any of them getting sick.

With the start of “mud season” officially upon us, we are currently trying to balance keeping the cows out of the mud as much as possible with trying to keep them from tearing up too much pasture. It can be a tricky act, because when the temps dip below freezing at night, if the cows are too muddy, they get cold and are susceptible to sickness.

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 On the other hand, if we move the cows through all of the pastures with access to winter water, then we won’t have any “clean” pastures for when we start calving in a couple of weeks. To help with this problem, we ran a hose out to a water tank so that we would have a couple more pastures with water in them. The problem with that is every night we had to roll up and drain the hoses so they didn’t freeze and then roll them out again the next morning. But it is a small price to pay to have healthy cows and clean ground for calving on.


We expect to have our first calf in a week or two, so check our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pettit-Pastures-LLC/593130084137212 ) often as we will be posting pictures soon.


Also, we have been taking deposits on quarters, halves, and whole beeves for a couple of weeks now and supplies are going fast. We have about one cow still available, so if you are interested check out our website for details.



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