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It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, but as we get ready to wrap up the the month of August, that is exactly what is happening. I hope everyone had a great one! I know we enjoyed ours; although, it seems like it was our busiest yet!


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We started this summer very dry.  With little snowfall last winter, ground water levels were low at the beginning of June. By the end of June, I was starting to get worried about our pastures and hay crop.  Then July came and we received unusual amounts of rain. In fact, here we are now at the end of August, typically our driest time of the year, and the rains just keep coming.  Right now our pastures are in better shape than they were in June. That has to be a first!


Our cows and calves are in great shape. We had 21 calves this year and they are starting to get big. The bigger they get, the more forage they eat, and the more pasture we need to keep them fed. We are currently making almost daily paddock moves and utilizing all available pastures to keep up with their demands.


With all this hustle and bustle, I have not been as active on this blog or on our Facebook page as I would like to have been. I will do my best to stay active with these forms of communication, but I also encourage all of you to follow Pettit Pastures Instagram page. I find it easy to take a quick picture while at the farm and then post it later when I have a minute or two to spare. You can find us on Instagram by searching for Pettit Pastures and then clicking on the “follow” button.


Sales of beef have been great this summer. This spring we sold out all our bulk beef well before our butcher dates and our individual cuts have been selling well, too. We do have beef, still available for our fall butcher date which is the end of October. If you are interested you can reserve your beef by placing your order on our website now.