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I am writing this on Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. 2015 has been a great summer on the the farm. We have had plenty of moisture which equals lots of grass, fat cows, and healthy calves.

Our last calf born on Sunday, September 6th.  That calf was born later than we wanted. We like our calves to be born in the spring so they are bigger when winter rolls around.  What happened was that we bought the cow last year from a neighbor.  She was supposed to be bred, but wasn’t, and was bred by our bull instead.  The good news is, the calf is healthy.  The cow is in good shape too, so we should be able to get her calving earlier next year.

The new calf is not the only new addition to our farm. Last month we purchased a new bull. We are very happy with our cows, but wanted to add some new genetics into the herd, so we purchased an Aubrac bull. Aubrac cattle are originally from the Aubrac mountain region of France. The region is very rugged and few crops are grown there, so the Aubracs have been raised for hundreds of years on a forage only diet. Because of this, Aubracs are known for there ability to fatten on grass and to eat many forages that other cattle will not. We are excited to see the calves we get from this bull with our cows.

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Sales of our Grass fed beef has been great. We have had a hard time keeping it in stock. We are currently taking deposits on beef for this fall.  It will be ready for delivery at the end of October. If you are interested you can reserve your quarter, half, or whole beef by placing a deposit down by clicking here: