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September started out like August ended, wet! But now the rains have slowed down and the growing conditions for our pastures are great. Our pastures are in the best condition for this time of year than any year since we have owned the farm. The pastures are so lush that we should have plenty of grazing right up to November without feeding hardly any hay.


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We cut three crops of hay off our fields this summer and we will have a nice fourth crop that we will graze off instead of cutting and baling. The fields will provide finishing quality forage that we can graze our stocker cattle on all fall.


Last year, we installed a winter water station in the back of our farm, so that the cows could stay in the pastures all year. This helps to keep the nutrients out in the pastures where the cattle graze all summer  instead of in the cow yard by the buildings. This system works well, except for the fact that we had problems keeping the water from freezing last winter. One of the projects we will be working on this fall is getting our water set up better to prevent freezing. We do not have a definite plan on how to do it yet, but we have a few ideas.  I will keep you posted as to what we do and how it works this winter.

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We just added a new product to our website, Marrowbones. Marrowbones are very similar to Soup bones. The biggest difference is there is less meat on the Marrowbones compared to the Soup bones. Marrowbones are perfect for making bone broth.  They are all cut small enough to fit in your stock pot or slow cooker.  We package them in 5-6 pound packages, which should be a great size for making batches of bone broth. Be sure to check them out on our shopping page!