Small Package


Small Pack contains:

5- 1 pound packages of packages of ground beef.

1- Package of NY Strip Steak or Tenderloin Steak ( 2 steaks per package )

1- Package of Sirloin or Ribeye steak ( 2 steaks per package

2 – Roasts  Chuck, Arm, Tri tip, or Rump roast (2 to 3 pounds)

1- Package Stew meat or misc. steak

1- Packages of 100% Grass fed Beef Sticks

1- Package of Cranberry Maple Summer sausage or Natural Wieners

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If you are thinking of trying Pettit Pastures Grass fed beef for the first time, this is a great package to try. Our Small Package contains Grass fed steak, roast and hamburger, so you get a variety of beef to try without buying a lager bulk order of beef.