Grass fed Split Quarter of a Beef


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Our next available processing date is August 13th, 2024 and orders should be ready for delivery two weeks after . We have a limited supply of Grass fed Beef available for Bulk orders and we typically sell out in advance of our butcher date. By placing your order now you will reserve your beef for the August 13th, processing date.

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Pay a deposit of $200.00 per item
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Quarter Cow typically yields between 100 and 135 pounds of retail meat. This is a split quarter meaning you get 1/2 of the front quarter along with 1/2 of the rear quarter. A Grass fed Quarter of beef will typically require 4 cubic feet of freezer space. A deposit of 200 dollars is required to reserve a Grass fed Quarter of beef for our next harvest date.

Price per packaged  pound, not hanging weight. At Pettit Pastures, all of our Grass fed beef is sold by the price per pound of the packaged meat. If you pay for ten pounds of beef, you get ten pounds of packaged beef. There are no extra butcher charges or hanging weights to try and figure out. We feel this is the simplest and most straight forward pricing method for the consumer.  A quarter of beef typically yields between 100 and 135 pounds of packaged beef, so the cost of a 1/4 would be between $880.00  and $1188.00  total. No other fees.

Our standard cut instructions for bulk orders can be seen here: Standard Cut Instructions

If you want a custom cut, click here: Custom Cut Instructions

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