Grass fed beef sampler pack


35 lbs of meat ( 15lbs hamburger, 10 lbs. roasts and/or stew meat,  10lbs steaks ) $10.54 per pound.

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Do you struggle finding the time to make healthy meals for your family. By the time you plan what to make and shop for the ingredients  there is no time left in your busy schedule to make the meals!

With the Grass fed Beef sampler pack in your freezer you have all the cuts of beef you need to create  a wide variety of nourishing meals. Roasts to throw in the crockpot or instant pot with whatever vegetables you have in your fridge. Steaks for when you have freinds over or a special dinner. Ground beef for fast and easy tacos or burgers on the grill. No matter if you have a little time or a lot of time to make dinner, you will have what you need with the Grass fed Beef Sampler pack.

This is a great package for those who want a discount for buying in bulk but don’t have the freezer space for a quarter of beef. This is 35 pounds of beef. 15- 1 pound packages of ground beef. 10 pounds of roasts: Chuck roast, Shoulder roast, Sirlion roast, and Rump Roast, brisket, or stew meat, 10 pounds of Steaks: T-Bone steak, Porterhouse Steak, Sirlion steak, Ribeye steak, and Flank steak.

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