100% Grass fed Beef Sticks


Pettit Pastures 100%Grass fed Beef Sticks $4.75 per pack

4 sticks per package.

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Let’s face it we all snack, and most of the time the snacks we choose are not very healthy for us. Pettit Pastures Grass fed Beef Sticks are a healthy snack option that you should keep on hand for when those cravings strike.

Just like all Pettit Pastures Beef products these snack stick are made from 100% Grass fed beef raised right here in central Minnesota and is 100% antibiotic and hormone free.  Did you know that over 80% of all the “Grass fed beef” sold in the USA is imported from other countries.

Once you try our Beef sticks you will taste what a difference quality makes!

These are 100% Grass fed Beef. No Pork.

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