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April is quickly coming to an end and spring is definitely here. Things are starting to green up and we are smack dab in the middle of calving season.

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As of this today, we have 8 calves born so far (5 bulls and 3 hiefers) and 6 more on their way. As I have stated before, we raise lowline angus.  One of the reasons we chose this breed is because of their ability to calve with very little problem. Lowlines have smaller calves than regular sized cows.  This makes birthing easier on the mom and her younger. This does not mean that they never have any issues. This year is the first time in 3 years that we had to assist in the birth of one.

We had a cow with a twisted uterus.  When a cow’s uterus twists she is unable to dilate and many times the calf dies. Thankfully, we realized that something was wrong quickly enough to get the vet out in time. The vet was able to untwist the uterus and successfully deliver a healthy calf.  With all the different things that can go wrong during calving season, we feel very lucky that this has been our biggest issue to date.

In about two to three weeks, the grass should be tall enough to start grazing.  This means the end of feeding hay and officially being able to put winter behind us. It also means that we will be getting into the summer barbequing season. Be sure to stock up on some of our healthy Grass fed Beef so that you will be all set for grilling!