Spring is officially here! With all the warm weather winter seemed rather short, but we made the most of our warm winter, staying busy weaning calves, keeping customers supplied with beef, and fencing new pasture.


Pettit Pastures made it through another weaning season with zero calves getting sick! We put a lot of thought and effort into our weaning system, and are very proud that we haven’t ever had a calf get sick during the process. This is quite an accomplishment considering the average farm has a 5% loss of calves during weaning.


grass fed beef mn


In past winters we have not processed any animals.  Now that we supply beef to The Main Street Farmer Eatery, we are processing animals every 3 weeks. This has kept us busy and has also allowed us to supply other customers with beef throughout the winter months. Sales have been going so well, that it is still tough to keep inventory stocked up.


I am also very happy that we were able to pick up another 16 acres of pasture land that adjoins our farm. This will allow us to add a few more cattle to our herd as well as give us more flexibility in our grazing options. The land has no fencing on it currently, so that needs to be done before we can graze it.  We hope to finish up fencing by the end of next month, just in time for the grazing season.


We are currently getting ready for our calving season which is a little under a month away. Hopefully when I post next month’s update, I will have a couple of new calf pictures to post.