Three basic principles for cooking Grass Fed Beef:

  1. Put away your timer and use a good meat thermometer
  2. Turn down the heat
  3. Ease up on seasonings and sauces

Grass fed beef is lower in insulating fat. If the heat is too high when cooking grass fed beef, the moisture and fat will exit the beef.

When making hamburgers, form the burger and gently press in the center on one side of the patty to form a small depression in the center. Burgers will cook evenly and will not end up round and puffy.


Grass fed hamburger



A 6 ounce burger doesn’t require much cooking time. Two minutes and 30 second on the first side.  Then, flip the burger and cook 3 minutes on the other side.


DO NOT press the burger down with a spatula while cooking; you will squeeze out all the juices.


FOR CHEESEBURGERS: try mixing shredded cheese in the ground beef before making the patties.  This will help you not over cook the beef when trying to melt a slice of cheese.


FOR GRILLING:  Make sure your grill is clean and hot. It’s O.K. to rub a little oil on the grill to ensure the patties don’t stick.


Follow these hints and enjoy your grass fed beef from Pettit Pastures, a family run business.