5 Month Grass fed Beef Subscription


Monthly delivery includes;

2- Packages Ribeye Steak (2 Steaks per Pack)

2- Packages Sirloin Steak ( 2 Steaks per Pack)

1- Package Tenderloin Steak ( 2 Steaks per Pack)

1- Roast ( Rump, Arm, or Sirloin tip Roast)

1- Package Natural All Beef Hotdogs

9-  1 pound packages of Ground Beef

12 in stock


If you have limited freezer space but would like a hassle free supply of Locally Raised 100% Grass fed Beef, then the Grass fed Beef Subscription is for you.

Once a month, for 5 months we will deliver Premium Grass fed Beef right to your door. Delivery area includes all of central Minnesota as well as the Twin Cities Metro area. If you are questioning if we deliver  to your area send us an email at pettitpastures@gmail.com .

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